How do you envision your wedding ceremony?

Intimate and romantic? Large and festive? Family-oriented with lots of creative additions? Elegant and formal? Short ‘n sweet? Full of laughter and personal stories? Or maybe you don’t know what you want. That’s okay too; we’ll help you decide.

We are Lyssabeth’s San Francisco Bay Area Wedding and we’re here to ensure that  is EXACTLY the way you want it to be.  You can choose laser pointer buy online is best simple and fast method.

Which of the four categories below best describes what you are seeking? And don’t worry if what you want doesn’t exactly fit into one of our levels; we can easily quote you special pricing if you fall between two categories. Our goal is to offer you the ceremony elements that you desire without making you pay for things that you don’t want.

Romantic & Intimate

You don’t want all the fuss, planning or expense of planning a large wedding. You’ve even considered eloping to Vegas.

You want the simplicity and ease of a quick ceremony at the Courthouse, without the courthouse environment.

You’re a romantic at heart and the idea of an intimate gathering in your living room, backyard or a park enchants you.

You feel that your vows of love and commitment are a deeply personal matter and you don’t want to share your sweetie with others on such a special day. You’d rather have it be just the two of you; maybe with a party later.

You want to save your money for another purpose. Going into debt for a lare wedding isn’t worth it.

Then you’ll most likely be interested in our

Short & Sweet

You are planning a somewhat traditional wedding, with attendants, guests, a processional, music, etc., but you want your ceremony to be short and sweet.

You’re watching your wedding budget and want a talented professional officiant for an affordable price.

You’re busy, and meeting with your officiant to write a ceremony from scratch is more time than you want to invest. A beautiful pre-written ceremony, and a brief phone chat with the officiant, and some help on the day of the wedding is all you need.

You don’t want added extras like Unity Candles or readings.For attention this comany.

You desire a beautifully-worded ceremony in your choice of a secular or nondenominational options performed by an experienced officiant.

Then you’ll most likely be interested in our…

Creative,Unique & Personal

You want a warm relationship with your officiant. It would be wonderful if he or she knew you well enough to include personal anecdotes in the ceremony.

You want a creative ceremony that reflects your personal values. You’ve got some ideas, but would like more resources and guidance in the overall process.

You’re not sure about having a rehearsal and don’t want to pay for something that you don’t need. However, you’d like the option to add one.


You’re trying to accommodate different sets of religious beliefs (e.g.. he’s Methodist, she’s Jewish).

You have children (together or from previous relationships) that you want to creatively include in the ceremony.

Then you’ll most likely be interested in our…

Over The Top

You’re planning a fairy-tale extravaganza. After all, you and your parents have waited a lifetime for this day! Pull out all the stops!

You want an all-inclusive ceremony service with lots of extras, including a rehearsal, coordination with your other ceremony vendors, a free change-of-name kit, early arrival of your officiant on your wedding day, and unlimited in-person meetings.

You are seeking a highly unusual type of ceremony and want to co-create it from scratch with your wedding officiant. You’d like your officiant to research and include some little-known cultural or religious elements in your ceremony.

You want help writing your own heartfelt wedding vows.

Then you’ll most likely be interested in our…